Specifications-Citizen CBM-820-Slip DOT Matrix and transactional printer,Bankbook Printer,special printers

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توصيف چاپگر Citizen CBM-820 توسط سايت اصلي سيتي زن

چاپگر Citizen CBM-820 بهترين گزينه براي داروخانه هاي بيمه و تامين اجتماعي بدون نياز به جداكردن برگه ها جهت چاپ

Citizen CBM-820,چاپگر دفترچه بيمه,چاپگر چك,چاپگر دفترچه,چاپگر گذرنامه,چاپگر باركد,چاپگر سوزني,چاپگر مقوا,چاپگر ريلي,چاپگرمخصوص,Passbook and transactional printer,Bankbook Printer,special printers-HSDPA

چاپگرهاي سوزني

●●● فروش انواع چاپگرهاي سوزني مخصوص بانك-دفترچه هاي گذرنامه، بيمه، بليط،چك، اسناد، اوراق قرضه-چاپگرباركد، ريلي، مقوائي●●●

Slip DOT Matrix and transactional printer Citizen CBM-820-special printers

CBM-820 Specifications-Citizen CBM-820-Slip DOT Matrix and transactional printer,Bankbook Printer,special printers



Typical Applications

Use the same pre-printed documentthroughtout the hotel


Worldwide famous in gas stations,
stores & banks


“Tab” features



Retail Bank
Check Validation

Original + 2 Copies




Slip paper printing
Easy paper loading
3 ply paper printing capability
Cash drawer kick out
Compatibility (ESC/POS*)
Compact design
Page mode


Ink ribbon cartridge: IR-82B (Black)


Printing method Serial impact dot matrix
Printing head 9 pins
Number of columns 42 col. (7 x 9 font) , 35 col. (5 x 9 font)
Printing speed 3.1 lines/sec (Maximum)
Character size
(W x H)
7 x 9 font(half): 1.2 x 2.42mm
5 x 9 font(2 pulses per dot): 1.5 x 2.42mm
5 x 9 font(3 pulses per dot): 2.1 x 2.42mm
Character set PC437,PC850, International
Dot spacing Horizontal: 0.30mm Vertical: 0.35mm
Printing width 63mm
Emulation Purple or Black (CBM ink ribbon cassette IR-82)
Paper 80 to 182mm(W) x 80 to 257mm(H)
Original + 2 copies
Thickness: 1 ply 0.09 to 0.2mm
Duplicates 0.12mm to 0.25mm
Interface Serial (RS-232C)
Input buffer 2K bytes or 35 bytes
Cash drawer control 2 drawers
Sensors Paper out top-of-form, bottom-of-form sensors
Power supply AC adapter(31AD) 100-240V
Output 24V DC 5%, 1.9A
Power consumption Peak current: 3.1A
Continuous ASCII printing + paper feed: 0.6A
Weight 2.1kg
External dimensions (W x D x H) 180 x 190 x 138mm
Operating environment 5 ~ 40  "C
10 ~ 80% RH
Storage environment -20 ~ 60 "C
5 ~ 90% RH
Reliability Mechanism(MCBF): 2.5 million lines
Printer head life: 70 million characters
Safety standard UL, C-UL, FCC class A, TUV-GS, CE marking
Ink ribbon cartridge Single color (Black)

Leading Technology for Humanity


Sales slip
Daily report
Ticket Delivery
Check endorsement

CBM-820 R F 230

1) Model type:      CBM-820
2) Interface:          R:Serial (RS-232C)
3) Character set:   F:International
4) Power source:   120 V-230 V



چاپگر پست بانك,چاپگر بليط آژانس,چاپگر چك,چاپگر دفترچه,چاپگر گذرنامه,چاپگر باركد,چاپگر سوزني,چاپگر مقوا,چاپگر ريلي,چاپگرمخصوص